Artwork by Sarah Rossignol

Artwork by Sarah Rossignol

What is INK & ARROWS Magazine?

Ink & Arrows Magazine is a quarterly magazine. It was originally created by Alex Lucas and Amalia Fredericksen in the summer of 2012. Now, run exclusively by Alex Lucas with some help by Bronte Billings, who is an editor. Ink & Arrows was an idea to feature work from designers and graphic artists, giving exposure to all the parties involved. Now, its a magazine that features work from all types of creatives. Ink & Arrows aspires to provide inspiration and deliver fresh faces to the art and design community.  The main focus of the magazine is inspiration and how each individualized artistic process varies from person to person. 

What does unpublished work mean? Why does my work have to be unpublished to be featured?

It means the work you are submitting to be featured hasn't been seen or posted anywhere before. That means the work hasn't been posted on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, Dribble, Behance, ect. Also, that the work hasn't been published in another magazine or book - in print or online. 

Can you send me a copy of the magazine if I'm featured in it?

Unfortunately no we can not offer free physical copies to our contributors and featured creatives. We wish we could and hopefully in the future we will be able to do so. But for now Ink & Arrows is a start-up and is just in the beginning process of trying to get published & distributed. We hope you understand and agree why we can't send you free copies. 

*Contributors will receive a digital version of the issue that they are featured in and will also be provided tear-sheets of their feature if asked.

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Can you pay me for my submission and cover any costs?

Sadly, we can not cover any of the cost of your submission. Ink & Arrows Magazine is here to help further your careers in the creative world. But for your submission we will credit you and anyone who worked with you. Also, the copyright of the images will always remain with you.

Why does it take some time for my issue to be delivered?

Since we are a small magazine we get our issues printed as orders come in then we pack and ship them ourselves.

If you have any questions let us know in the form below!