A Gif in Time // ShyCheeks Illustration


A mini feature with Illustrator Shycheeks.

"I’m an illustrator living in Valencia (Spain) and I'm working as a freelance artist since nearly three years ago. I studied Fine Arts at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), where I learnt about drawing, painting, design... and then I studied the Professional Illustration Course at Escuela Superior de Artes y Tecnologías de Valencia (ESAT) to know more about illustration and how to be living from it."


"I love to draw more than paint and I make GIFs from them every time I have the chance and time to do it. My recurrent themes are girls, nature and fantasy. Also, I love to do some illustrations of my favourite series and movies. To focus on my drawing, I use to paint with flat colors but adding some texture and strokes, since this lets me experiment and improve in different ways than if I were doing a more realistic illustration.

Recently I did a lot of portraits for a cultural calendar, a project that took most of my summer, and my last work is a poster for a International Short Film Festival where I had the opportunity to draw a popular film scene and animate it. I'm so happy about it! Now I'm taking some time to open an online store to sell some prints and original art, I hope it works well!"

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