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Anna Rewinska
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Introduce yourself, tell us about you & your creative genre?
I am a London based creative currently residing in India due to the projects I am involved in. My artwork reflects the passion for electronic music and it’s an attempt of capturing it’s energy and translating it into visual narratives that revolve around the moment of mesmerizing oblivion in the sound frequencies.

I’ve been drawing and painting since I can remember but now only when I found my muse - music - my artwork settled in. I found my own visual language and established a refined artistic practice. In terms of creative genre, I use different mediums depending on the project. It usually is spray painting and painting if I engage with a space or surroundings, than traditional painting and illustration also in digital form.

Currently I am looking at expanding the visual language and incorporating technology to take things further… Very exciting year ahead!!

What is your creative process?
Inspiration - that can catch me in the most unexpected circumstances however it usually comes when I lose myself in my favourite albums and sets. These new concepts are then developed through a lot of sketching and figuring what works and what doesn’t. In most cases of the illustrations I create  are later on incorporated into the urban fabric and emerge as street art pieces. There is always one rule - the work reflects the atmosphere and character of the sound it is inspired by and created for, this is why some pieces get on the quirky and edgy  note, some are peaceful and harmonic. 

Music seems to be a huge influence on you and your work.  What is it about the underground electronic music scene that inspires you?
The stories encapsulated in the sets. Music carries energy, it is a language understandable by soul, it creates connection between people without words. It is also one of the few things that stimulates the entire brain and it simply whispers to me the countless ideas which then emerge as visual concepts.

Other than music, inspires you? 
The world around me. Everything I see, colours, patterns, people, other amazing artists…

What projects are you working on now? Can you tell us a about them?
Currently I work as a concept artist for animation films, so this is where my creative input is focused but besides that I am preparing a live painting show for Dub FX in London at the end of April. Live music and live art, this is the ultimate goal. Also another extremely exciting one it’s stage design for Supersonic 2015 in Goa, India - the bass stage of course :) This is a large scale venture and it’ll be amazing to create massive pieces that will form an installation that will engage with the music environment.  

What project are you most proud of?
The one I am most proud of is definitely the collaboration with Dub FX as his music was present in my life since a really, REALLY  long time therefore I am extremely happy I can contribute visually to what this amazing artist does. 

I am crazy about Italian pistachio ice cream. 

What are some of your favorite places to go in London?
There is way too many!! But surely Rockwell House, which is currently being relocated - it is an amazing and inspiring hub of interesting people and events! Apart from that Cafe 1001 for the same reasons plus the entire space is brilliantly merging the old industrial vibe of Brick Lane and the elements of our time. Victoria Park to breathe in some fresh air and feed the senses with green which is very close to Hackney Wick, also a very interesting are as it is one of the  artistic hubs in London. 

If you could only listen to ONE album forever, what would that album be?
Hmmmm…. so far it’s Safe in the Steep Cliffs by Emancipator. 

From your photos on your about page [on your website] and Instagram, you have dyed green hair. Have you dyed your hair other colors?
One of my characters, it’s a girl with green hair, which relates to the inner freedom that music allows us to experience, I wanted to personify this idea hence that was an artistic concept. At that stage she (the character) did not have any other hair colours. 


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