Interview Snippet: Kelsey Beckett | Issue Six

Kelsey Beckett

Who are you and what type of creative are you?
My name is Kelsey Beckett and I’m an illustrator. I tend to lean more toward fine art, but the possibilities in illustration are very appealing as well.

Have you always been interested in art and being creative?
Yes. When I was little I was obsessed with watching cartoons and trying to draw them. My brothers also played a lot of video games with characters that astounded me. So my obsession with people and figures came very early on. My most vibrant memory of creativity revolves around Sailor Moon. It was the first Anime I had ever seen, and the style took me over. I watched it every day and tried to draw the characters. If I hadn’t been so surrounded by art (in the form of cartoons,) I don’t think I would be in the same place today. 


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