Issue Three Feature: Neil Craver | Photographer

Issue Three - March 2013

Neil Craver

Who are you and what type of creative are you? 

Photography is a type of “show and tell”; it’s about creating the images and feelings I have within me.  The images and feelings in my head are translated into the external world. Photography for me is like any other art form, it’s nothing but tools of an alchemist, and the body is the magic medium.

I just use the tools the i’m commanded to use to get what i want. I think like a sculptor and photograph like a painter. The scale is extremely important to me, the final piece must have a sculptural weight to it. My interests are to fill the space with a unphysical weight or substance thru hue and composition.

How did you get interested in photography? 

Born in a small town in rural North Carolina, I quickly became transformed by the arts as a young boy. Beginning as a abstract painter and  figurative sculptor; my motivation grew from my interest in chroma and psychophysical effects of these stimuli acting upon our five known senses. Photography holds all the intrinsic values of all the other arts, but differs in the fact that it’s the foundation of existence. Nothing can exist without the photon, and every aspect is controlled by its usage. 


What is the meaning behind your identity/website name?

Which website? my commercial one -

The modern concept of the “photon” was developed gradually by Albert Einstein from his studies of “General Theory of Relativity”. This single development of general relativity brought about a radical change in our concepts of space and time. But long before Einstein’s brain was turning; you had arguably the greatestmind contemplating it’s very existence thousands of years before. Aristotle was one of the first to publicly hypothesize about the nature of light, proposing that light is a disturbance in the element air. And this is were I had the two connections for my Logo, because the word “organon”( greek word for tool) was also used be Aristotle to denote his followers on logic. And the elemental particle/wave of light is a photon; therefore we have photon+tool=PhotonOrganon. So the name just really fell into place from my interests in these two great thinkers.

My fine art site-

Is the name of the series; the combination of two words to create the them of the series-




            1. A combining form denoting all, every, everywhere; as in omnipotent, all-powerful; omnipresent; omnivorous. 


         1. Something apparently seen but having no physical reality; a phantom or an apparition. Also called phantasma.

2. An illusory mental image.

3. In Platonic philosophy, objective reality as perceived and distorted by the five senses.

Where do you get your inspiration for work? 

Eons ago we somehow begin this evolutionary track from virtually nothing but water. My endeavor into the idea’s of origins and the simplification of existence; that idea extends into the water being a driving photographic element in my work. I think a lot about origins of thoughts pertaining to living creatures, and how to illustrate that abstract idea. I like the innate power of water to create and destroy in the same wave of energy. It's only from a human’s point of view that we label each one bad or good; helpful or useless. Our first 9 months we start floating in our mother; how strange to be floating in a container inside a human body that is also made from water. How powerful is that; if we could remove the memory of what that water had been apart of before it started forming a fetal's organs. Could it  have flooded a valley of dinosaurs, been the urine of Jesus, or the fluid of a dragonfly's eye?

What is your artistic process? 

Visceral, intuitive, and explorative. I want to create an image with a raw wonderment. I desire imagery that resistsdecay to notions to style and time; I strike to simply create imagery that punches through the skin of creating musings.

What photographs are you most proud of and why? 

I believe my strongest distinctive feature lies below the senses, inside the intellect of the individual where the single experience of the image exists.  It’s strange for me to ponder the correlation between the ideas of the viewers of my work and my own ideas of the work I produce.  The individuals who have built a framework of their world which is derived from their personal intricate sequence of experiences, view my work and proceed to see into their own lives as they connect my art only with what they know of their ideas and thoughts. Their life floods into my compositions with their emotions, fears, and rationalities ultimately controlling their final experience of viewing my work. I take this into account, and not only ask myself how I want to control and display the outcome of the piece, but ask how the individual audiences are going to interpret it. 

    I try use the shyness of the human form, values of art, and emotions of happiness in an individual as a tool to suppress the hollowness of society. Art for me is by-product of life. The final form, or product is the transformation of time (in which experiences exist) into an external pseudo-solid state. This idea starts from non-living substance, coming from the beginnings of Earth, including raw materials like dirt and water. From this organic material comes life, and intelligence which take the raw material, synthesizing it with our experiences, and producing yet another non-organic and non-living piece like a work of art.

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