Issue One Feature: Monica Laura | Graphic Designer

Issue One - October 17, 2012

Monica Laura
Graphic Designer

Who is mónica laura?
Mónica Laura is the graphic designer and illustrator behind Mó, the Samhain Moon blog, and Leelahel tarot services. 
            She also runs a design studio based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, founded in 2010. This is also the year she graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic and Interactive Communication. She focuses on branding + systems of identity, packaging, illustration, media kits, promotional campaigns, press, and web design.
       Mónica Laura’s main goal as a designer is to provide a clear visual voice through which her clients’ creative problems can be solved and polished out. She aspires to leave her impression in the design world and in the society she lives in through her creative work, which she breathes life into and looks after from concept to production. 

Where do you get your inspiration? 
“I draw inspiration from illustrations and themed mood boards. There is something lovely and harmonious about grouping together several images that have nothing to do with one another but will blend harmoniously together in a collage. You can get a sense of place, feeling or an idea just by stringing together unrelated images. It’s great! I also love laying out cards (old playing cards, tarot and oracle cards, art cards) and looking over the art. As a visual reader, I make connections and mix and match what I see.

Design work: “This is my branding for Kokeshi Geishas and Taikomochi. It is a local business in Puerto Rico that focuses on bringing to the tropics a little piece of Japan.“

Here is what Monica and her client came up with for a description:
     “Kokeshi Geishas & Taikomochi (KG&T) is a family fine dining theater-restaurant featuring staged performances based on traditional japanese culture such as dances, songs, and acts focusing on one of Japan’s biggest treasures and mysteries: the Geishas and Taikomochi.”
      “KG&T not only provides entertainment, we provide a personalized customer service experience, high standard meals and an extended and variable menu that promises the time of your life. We provide an exceptional dining experience but we can make the adventure come to you with our personalized (Dining Accomodation Services) Just ask us! “
      “We want you to have a magical, unforgettable dining experience... in Puerto Rico!” 

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