Issue One Feature: Iggy Smalls | Photographer

Issue One - October 17, 2012

Iggy Smalls

Iggy is a 20 year Photography and Digital Imaging major at Ringling College of Art and Design.“Having [just] started my sophomore year [at RIngling], I really enjoy playing around in the studio with the lights as well as with medium format film cameras. "

When asked about what inspire her photography, she gave a very honest answer. “I have to admit I’m weak for photographing people.. It is what inspires me most and reenters in my photographs, sometimes directly and other times not. I also just enjoy going through magazines and books for the pictures - visualizing the light set-up in my head and sketch down the concept and process.” 

Like others featured in Ink & Arrows, Iggy was asked what images she wanted featured. “I debated between film and digital - and while I feel the lather is more professional, I think my film photos are strongest. So these are just a handful of my everyday polaroid and 35mm film from this summer.”

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