Issue One Feature: Alyssa Herman | Concept Artist

Issue One - October 17, 2012

Alyssa Herman
Concept Artist/Designer

A short about me:
Hello! I’m Alyssa Herman, and I’m a second year student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, majoring in Video Game Art/Design. I enjoy long walks on the beach and drawing or gaming until the late hours of the night.

What type of artist/designer are you?
For my specific major, I’m still trying to find my exact focus, but I would really like to be a concept artist. I focus on doing the concept work for game ideas, like official images, character art, environment concepts, and full illustrations. I also want to focus on some 3D modeling in the program Zbrush, which is used to create REALLY detailed 3D models. For you 3D buffs, I like hi-poly modeling.

What draws you to this type of art/design?I’ve been drawing and imagining stuff since I was a little kid, so I might as well get paid to do so. I love digital painting, sculpting, traditional work, and much, much more, so this just fit so well. Also, I like games and often pay attention to the artistic side of what I play, so it’s win-win.

Tell me about your 2 favorite things you have created.
I honestly had a lot of trouble with this question, but I like the picture of my character Marvin because I tried different coloring styles, and I loved designing him.
The Devil picture was just a lot of fun because I was once again, trying new things. Plus, I’m still in the beginning stages of working on it. I want to continue to fix it up and make it look good.
I’m still trying to find myself as a digital painter, but I’m attempting to be the best artist I can be.

What is inspiring to you?
A lot of the time, it’s other artists I see. There are so many to list! One of my personal favorite environmental artists is the amazing Feng Zhu. Some of my favorite inspirational artists include the concept art staff of Riot games, the artists of Magic the Gathering cards, and artists like Mr--Jack and Ippus on DA, just to name a few. Other sources of industry inspiration are the various magazines (ImagineFX mostly) and websites (CGHub, Polycount, I look at.

I also enjoy, just kind of looking at stuff. I dabble in many forms of art, so I’ll take photographs of beautiful landscapes or get inspired by how a cosplayer sews a costume. I try to guess the exact colors of the sky and water and other things, or I’ll be freaking out over the architecture of a place I am visiting. Heck, I’ll spend hours exploring a beautiful game just to stare at things.  So basically, my inspirations and observations are really varied.


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