Interview With Photographer Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone
Interview by Alex Lucas

Introduce yourself; Tell us a little about you and where you are from.
     My name is Stephanie Stone and I am a photographer from Ohio. Photography has always been something that I’ve been passionate about. I’m a documenter, I’m always taking photos whether it’s with my camera or phone.

How did you get interested in photography and when did you realize that you wanted to pursue photography as a career?
     I first became interested in photography when my dad got me my first camera for my 10th birthday. I was around 14 when I first discovered a community of young inspiring photographers online and it’s all I ever wanted to do since.


What is the hardest part of being a photographer and the best part of being a photographer?
     I would have to say the hardest part about being a photographer is doing it out of love and trying to convince yourself it’s not always about the money. Sometimes people take advantage of your love for your work as a reason for you to do it for free.
     The best part is the magic feeling when I’m photographing something I’m passionate about. It’s this creative energy flow that gets me excited about my pictures.  

How would you describe your photography style?
     My style is more lifestyle. I like photographing everyday life to adventurous life. I like to blend into the background when I’m photographing people and places.

Where do you find yourself gaining inspiration from?
     Anything from other creative people to music. Whenever I discover an artist’s work I feel inspired and motivated to keep creating. Music is always my go to when I want new ideas for photos. I can plan out exactly what kind of photos I want to take when I travel just by listening to music.

What would be your dream place to shoot?  
My dream place to shoot would be in Iceland. I’ve never been overseas so it would be amazing to just stay in a cabin there photographing the beautiful landscape.

What is one photo that you are proud of and can you tell us about it? 
     That would have to be a photo that I took of the stars while camping at the Grand Canyon. I have never really attempted to photograph the stars before and I also had a broken tripod at the time. I had to settle for propping my camera up on rocks. It’s nothing spectacular, but it’s a photo that I’ve always loved.

Where can people find and follow you and your work? 
You can follow my work on my instagram - @eff_stoneflickr, and facebook

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