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For this Online Feature we interviewed Maddy, whose full name we won't share because she is a pretty popular gamer on Youtube who makes Sims related content and we want to respect her privacy. But outside of being Youtuber she is also a very talented graphic designer and we wanted learn more about her life outside of Youtube.

Interview by Alexandra Lucas (Editor-In-Chief) // All artwork belongs to Maddy (Deli).

Let me first start off this interview by saying - Thanks for taking the time to let us interview you!

Let’s start with a super serious question. What song is stuck in your head at this moment?
Super serious question indeed! Foals — What Went Down [Listen]. This is a super, duper catchy song.

Now that we got the super serious question out of the way, lets talk about you and design.
Can you introduce yourself and tell us about how you became interested in graphic design?

I'm Maddy, often nicknamed Deli. I'm currently working as a Junior Digital Graphic Designer during the day and I'm a gamer Youtuber at night, it's a unique mix! From a young age I was encouraged by my parents to exercise my creativity and imagination through lots of mediums—computer games, drawing, constructing and playing with dolls. As I learned the alphabet and numbers, I would draw them as characters and give them story lines. During school, I was naturally attracted to art and design subjects because they used my imagination the most. This lead me to aspire to be a designer.

Do you specialize in anything particular? Or do you do a little of everything?
I do a little of everything to keep it exciting. I love to construct, photograph, then edit digitally whatever the brief. Originality is important to me.

Where do you look for inspiration for your work?
Inspiration is literally everywhere. The most obvious and easiest places for inspiration are through fashion, posts on Tumblr reflecting visual cultures, design websites, books, architecture and artists. But going outside and using your own eyeballs will get you further. One website I adore is It's amazingly motivating.

Can you tell us about your creative process?
My process always starts with a crazy, messy mind map. I start with one word or theme and join random words, thoughts and ideas from the centre of the page. For example "Spring races" can lead me to "horses", "hair", "fashion", "hat" etc. Random ideas like "maybe I could create an image of a model with a plaited horses tail as her ponytail as a marketing image to raise awareness about where hair extensions come from? Or perhaps it's to advertise spring racing in Melbourne? The ideas often don't make sense but you end up getting somewhere.

What is your favorite part of the process?
My favourite part is showing my family the finished product.

What are some of your favorite typefaces?
Graphik and Publico text by Christian Schwartz. I love all Schwartz's typefaces and discovered them in a stunning German book which I can't recall the name of (because it's in German!). It is Coptic bound, yum!

What are your must haves as a designer?
A digital SLR camera. Mac computer with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Fineliners. Cream coloured paper to brainstorm on (I realise this is a tad diva of me). Spray cans. Lastly good music. 

©Maddy (aka Deli)

A Few YouTube Related Questions.

You have a YouTube channel dedicated to your love for The Sims games. Can you tell us about why you love the sims and what made you want to start a YouTube channel. Also did you ever think you would have over 200,000 subs?
I adore the Sims because it's a great outlet for creativity. My dad bought me The Sims when I was little as a game to encourage my imagination. I played until I was in high school which at that point, the game had evolved so much I was able to use it as an architecture and interior design program. After being sick whilst studying overseas I tried recording my "house builds" later at home while I recovered. It took off from there—I would never have guessed it to reach even 100 subscribers.

Can you tell us about the merch you designed for your channel?
My merch was created as a result of requests from my YouTube subscribers. I came up with 3 simple designs inspired by popular quotes and themes from my channel. The merchandise is deliberately subtle in branding so that only the wearer really knows what it is referring to. I wouldn't like to wear a logo-plastered tshirt so I tried to steer away from that!

Do you have any words of advice for people interested in creating a YouTube channel?
My advice is to have good quality sound and image. Then, just try your best to be yourself and be clever about what content you decide to post.

Do you watch any Youtuber’s? If so, can you tell us a few your favorites at the moment?
I don't watch many surprisingly, but when I can I watch TheSimSupply, LDShadowLady, BrittneyLeeSaunders, Ingrid Nilsen and Tanya Burr. 

Now a few more random questions before we end this little interview.

If you could dye your hair any color what would it be?

Blonde like my mums.

Favorite 5 Movies/Tv shows? 
Father of the Bride 1 and 2, The Devil Wears Prada, RHOBH, Sex and the City and The Incredibles. I'm a total girl.

If money wasn’t an issue, what is one thing you would buy?
Land and then I would design and build my own house with a grass roof.

Favorite food and drink?
Nachos and water. 

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