Christina Luo from Fox & Flourish


Christina Luo
Calligrapher & Letter
Fox & Flourish

What made you interested in Calligraphy & Lettering?
I have always been drawn to lettering, but unknowingly so. In grade school, I wanted to become a graffiti artist and graduated from writing “tags” of my friends’ names on lined paper to experimenting with lettering in design programs. I would admire Asian brush calligraphy, and the distinct handwriting of teachers and artists - to the point of trying to replicate it. I never thought someone could make a career out of just lettering until I saw just how big this culture is in other parts of the world! Once I discovered that calligraphic principles were the underlying root of this industry, I tried to teach myself through watching blurry Youtube videos.


What is your favorite type of calligraphy & lettering? Do you prefer the more traditional scripts or modern lettering or a mix?
While I do not practice it professionally, I’m currently smitten with the Spencerian script. It’s a pointed pen style that was taught as the professional hand before printers were a thing, and it’s so beautiful in its control! My heart lies in a mix of lettering - forms that have their roots in traditional scripts but have been adapted to fit into a modern context.

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