A Bit Of Darkness // David Slebodnick

Through Fog - 8" x 10" -  Digital Illustration

Through Fog - 8" x 10" -  Digital Illustration

David Slebodnick is an illustrator, fine artist, and animator residing in Ohio. Between meals his time is spent staring at a screen, paints, or a canvas, trying to fill available time with artistic progression. 

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"I have been actively pursuing a creative career since I could remember. I am always trying to find exactly where my art and I belong but now have just been focusing on the journey instead of the end. I am obsessed with subjects provided by nature; animals and all things of the sort fascinate me. I want to show them from a different point of view, not one up in a tree stand but one from inside where antlers are growing from my head and I am running through the woods."

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