Issue Two Feature: Sarah Nieman | Photographer & Painter

Issue Two - January 2013

Sarah Nieman
Photographer & Painter

Who are you? I am Sarah, 19 year old artist from New Hampshire, dreamer and creator whose head is always lightyears away.

What type of artist are you? I am an all around artist who loves to use bright colors, large canvases, and lots of film. I don't really think I could ever call myself just a "photographer" or just a "painter" because I love doing everything, from photographing to painting with oils and watercolors to drawing with charcoal and sometimes even sculpting.

What medium do you prefer? Though I major in photography in college, I think my preferred media is watercolor. It's so fluid and lovely and soothing, and the perfect thing to make me feel better.

Where do you get your inspiration? People and friends. Creating with others is one of my greatest inspirations, as I can feed off of their creativity and ideas to inspire my own. But, I love looking around the internet for inspiration, looking around my own bedroom and the city I live in.

What is your artistic process? I generally don't sketch out ideas before I start painting or shooting; I've only sketched out a photo shoot once or twice. I do, however, love to make list or just brainstorm in my head. Most of the time I just go with the flow, I guess.

If you could work with or for someone dead or alive who would it be? Why? Sally Mann. She's one of my favorite photographers, so creative and inspiring and emotive, and I will always admire her work and would love to have the chance to work with her.

What pieces are you most proud of or mean the most to you and why? I tend to be most proud of the pieces in which I have achieved exactly what I wanted to. They're a mix of subjects but all special to me in some way.

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