Issue Two Feature: Lauren Nicole Hom | Designer & Illustrator

Issue Two - January 2013

Lauren Nicole Hom
Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Who are you? 
Lauren Nicole Hom

What type of creative person are you? 
Designer, Illustrator, Baker

What made you interested in Graphic Design/Advertising/Typography/Illustration? 
I've always had a creative knack. I grew up doodling outside with sidewalk chalk, which continued to drawing all over my middle school notebooks, which turned into designing posters for my high school, which led me to art school in New York. I was always drawn to advertising and commercial design. I like making things that everyone can enjoy and relate to.


What is your favorite part about the creative process? Why?
My favorite part of the creative process is the "a-ha!" moment of each piece. Sometimes it's getting the curve of a letter right after the 100th try. Or maybe it's discovering the perfect color to complete your palette. It's different each time, and it's what keeps me going.

Where do you get your inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from all aspects of my life. Sure, I scroll through design blogs every now and then, but most of my inspiration comes from what I encounter in real life. Books, packaging, posters…even something as simple as a clothing tag. I'm a firm believer that being creative is a full-time job, so I always have my eyes open for new and lovely things.

If you had to redesign one product or brand identity what would it be and why? 
I'd probably want to redesign Betty Crocker's line of baking mixes. I grew up using them, and I don't think their branding evokes the warm feeling that baking gives you. I love working on food and restaurant projects, so this one would be right up my alley.

What is your creative process? 
First, I'll usually write down some ideas or thoughts. I always start with pencil sketches in my grid paper notebook. From there, I usually ink my drawings and scan them into the computer. I do all of my coloring and touch ups in Photoshop.

What pieces, that you have created, are you most proud of and why?
The project that is closest to my heart is my children's book, Exotic Eats. Inspired by my family, it's an ABC book that teaches kids about food from around the world. Growing up, my mom cooked everything from curry to tamales, so I learned to appreciate all types of cuisines from an early age. I want parents to be able to use this book as a tool for preventing picky eaters. 

I'm also really proud of my project for the East Village Baked Goods and Booze Tour. I came up with the event and designed all of the promotional materials. We're actually in the process of organizing it for real!

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