Issue Two Feature: Julia Alison | Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Issue Two - January 2013

Julia Alison
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hi there, 

I’m Julia Alison, a 90’s child from Western Australia. I grew up in a small costal town in the heart of the wine and surf district, 3 hours south from the most isolated city in the world. I spent 18 years of my life there, growing up there involved a pretty simple and easy life style (lots of beach and sun). However now now I reside in Perth for my studies. I’ll be graduating from the Central Institute of Technology with an advance diploma in graphic design. Very soon I’ll be facing the 9-5 working world and I’m looking forward to entering the design industry. 

I’m interested in many branches of graphic design, but mainly those requiring illustrations to create or accentuate the design impact, such as textiles, editorial illustration, music graphics and event promotion.

Although my primary skills are in the illustration area, I have a very strong overall love of design, enjoying all aspects of it and continually striving for a creative balance between the two.  I believe my personal style lies in the area of minimalist and geometric influenced design and illustration.  

My inspirations from the art and design world include Gustav Klimt, Aphonse Aucha, Jace Wallace, Sachin Teng and Jason Thielke. All of whom are artist who embrace design elements into their illustrations.

In the last few months, I’ve also become intent on setting up my own fashion, gifts and accessories business as a way for my original illustration works to find their way into people homes.  To help foster this I have set up the Crystal Flight brand and website.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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