Issue Two Feature: Amanda Mocci | Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Issue Two - January 2013

Amanda Mocci
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Who are you?
My name is Amanda Mocci and I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Montreal Canada. My graphic design work focuses on book design and branding. As for my illustration work, I focus on realistic portraits. 

What is it about illustration and graphic design that interests you? 
In design, it has to be typography and developing a beautiful clean layout. For illustration, it's making an idea come to life with a pencil. I'm pretty obsessed with shading.

Where do you get your inspiration? 
From all over really. Sometimes it can be from a book I am reading, movies, dreams, faces around me, a photograph, music that I am listening to, etc. I am also totally fascinated by the universe and it plays a major role in my work.

How do your inspirations influence your work?
They tend to bring out certain emotions in me that transcend into my work. Sometimes it's subliminal, sometimes it's pretty obvious. 

If you could work with anyone of your choosing who would if be and why?
That would have to be Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and Interpol. When I first started drawing portraits, I was drawing musicians because of the impact music had on my work. Working with these guys would obviously be an incredible dream! 

What is your artists process?
My process for illustration is very different than that of graphic design. Non-existent pieces will usually pop in my head so vividly that it's as if they have already been created. I write down the idea on a scrap paper or my notebook (whatever is closest) to not lose the image. Honestly, once the image pops in my head it never really leaves; It haunts me until I start devoting time for the final piece. If the piece is more conceptual,

I will write down words, do research on the topic, anything that will help me in achieving a rich visual.

What illustrations and or graphic design projects that you've done are you most proud of and why?
I fell in love with book design while making these 2 books: The Dark Hour and The Universe. The Dark Hour was pretty much a personal statement about me, my work and the things that inspire me. The Universe is a book filled with information that I have collected over the years about our universe. The book is broken down into 5 parts: Introduction, Big Bang, Galaxies & Nebulae, The Stars, and Asteroids & Comets. 

I have a soft spot for all my drawings so it's pretty hard for me to choose favorites! If I have to pick a few: 



Limbus is my most recent drawing. I was thrilled to use my friend Zach Tutor (creator of as a model. Revival is probably my biggest piece till now. I will definitely be drawing large scaled pieces from now on. Thom, well, I just really like Thom Yorke. Helix and Carina are my nebulae girls. These girls are the tip-of-the-iceberg representation of how much I love space. 

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