Issue Two Feature: Aimee McDowell | Graphic Designer, Illustrator, & Photographer

Issue Two - January 2013

Aimee McDowell
Graphic Designer, Illustrator, & Photographer

Who are you?
I'm a Manchester based graphic designer/illustrator, I've just finished my second year of a Graphic Communication & Design degree at the University of Leeds and I'm currently taking a year out to gain some experience within the industry. I've worked with a few design studios but at the minute I'm a screen printing intern. I make jewelry and other crafty things too, I like to keep busy!

What made you interested in illustration, graphic design, photography?
I've always been creative, art and design has been my thing since I was really little but I took a graphic design class in college and kind of realized that that was what I wanted to do. 

Where do you get inspiration?
Nature. Seriously, animals, plants and minerals are beyond amazing. I really love the 90's too, the whole early 90's grunge scene is just so interesting. I'm also pretty in to fashion, geometry, tattoos, taxidermy and other curiosities!

What is your creative process? 
I usually start by making a big list of all of my ideas, good and bad. I find that it's good to get the bad ones on paper and out of the way. I usually research the ideas with the most potential and I often find that I stumble upon interesting bits of information that are completely different from what I first had in my head. Then I tend to make a start on sketches and see where it goes from there. 

What illustrations/designs, that you have created, are you most proud of and why? 
My favourite illustration is probably the suspended bird, I think it was the first illustration that I finished and felt like I was genuinely happy with the way that it turned out, it's generally the one that I compare new illustrations to when they're done. My favourite pieces of design are probably the imagery that I did for my Harsh Realms project and even though it isn't too recent, I'm pretty fond of the work that I did to visualize gravity. The Harsh Realms stuff was fun to make because I had to figure out a way to force genuine glitches, that took me ages to get my head around. I also got the chance to play with film photography, which was fun! 

If could work with or for one person dead or alive who would it be and why? 
Such a hard question! Drew Millward, Richey Beckett and Peter Carrington are probably my favourite illustrators - to work with any of them would be awesome. To have the chance to work on album artwork for a band like Nirvana/ Alice in Chains/Soundgarden would be pretty excellent. Polly Morgan's work is incredible too, I like taxidermy in all of its forms but there's just something really special about what she creates. I also love Damien Hirst, he knows what he's doing. That's definitely more than one, is that okay? Sorry!

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