Issue Two Feature: Carla Cascales Alimbau

Issue Two - January 2013

Carla Cascales Alimbau
Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer

Who are you?
I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer from Barcelona.

Where do you get your inspiration? 
Iʼm truly passionate about any kind of design, especially the one that involves handmade projects, textures and art. I love analogue photography and illustration as well.
 I find my inspiration in nature. Thereʼs nothing more simple and amazing than natural light, the colour of the trees, the changing seasons, the texture of the leaves...I believe that nature is a place where everything works in harmony, as in all good design should fit perfectly to communicate correctly and be visually pleasing.  
On the other hand, I think it's also very important to know what other people are doing, I always try to stay informed about what other designers, artists, architects, illustrators... Tumblr is a great platform for this you can find many different visual references from around the world. I like to discover new artists every day.

If you would work with one designer/artist dead or alive who would it be and why? 
I would be a dream for me to work with Mario Hugo, I love his amazing illustrations. ( I like his simplicity and how he applies textures and handmade things to the designs. His illustrations are very organic, he slightly recovers the typical shapes of painters like Magritte or Dalí who I admire and have always represented a source of admiration to me. Mario uses materials such as watercolor paper or cotton threads to create shapes, and although he has worked for very commercial brands like D&G he always keeps his personal touch.

What is your artistic process? 
I always start with paper and pencil tracing the first lines, looking for colors or shapes that represent the brand and then I start working in my computer, performing many proposals for after choosing the best option.

The choice of typography and color is essential, then I choose the images, texture, materials... and gradually the design takes shape.

What project(s) have you've done that you are most proud of? 
For a while, I was working in an advertising agency in Barcelona with well-known commercial brands, but the design that I was doing there didn't make me happy. So I decided to leave everything: work and my city, to move to Lisbon to study editorial illustration and dedicate to my personal projects. For three months I was living in a beautiful and bohemian new city, full of inspiration, meeting new people, delving into photography and dedicating myself to delicate and simple projects that I really wanted to do. As a result of that period I present these three design projects for which I have a special affection.

A music CD cover for Lonely Mountain Bows, a packaging design for Masia Can Carbonell and a Brand Design for Savon du Midi.

Music CD cover design for Lonely Mountain Bows. 
Alternative folk group from France, Portugal and Argentina.
Packaging made combining feather illustrations, a simple typography and different paper textures 

The box is part of a limited edition made using only cardboard, even the place to insert the CD. The outside of the box is covered with satineé paper, and includes a white Polaroid with an illustration on it. The feathers are the symbol of the Group and the absence of color represents the simplicity of their music.

The typography is confined to provide information without breaking the harmony between the illustration and the textures of the box.

Award winning design in Design and Design International Award 2012.
Published in the Design and Design Book of the Year Volume 5.

Packaging design for Masia Can Carbonell, organic vegetables.

Can Carbonell is a small country house located in a little town of Girona (Spain). The farmhouse cultivates and sells organic fruit and vegetables without using pesticides or GMOs.

The intention of the packaging is to respect the philosophy of the brand by avoiding the use of synthetic or chemical materials, such as plastic. The basic materials used for the design are sack cloth, ecological black ink, recycled paper, cardboard and natural fibre string.

The concept has been designed to show essentially the product, as naturally as possible. The typography and composition are very simple, making it easy to discern the information given.

Each label includes: an outer part with the detailed product information (grams, origin, category…), and as an added value, an inside part with a healthy recipe for cooking it.

The consumer can save these labels to make a little recipe collection. Binding them together with a string then makes it practical to have at hand in the kitchen. The recipes change according to the season, type of product, and required ingredients. In this way the consumer gets a new recipe every time they purchase fruits or vegetables distributed by the brand.


Packaging, illustration and Brand Design for Savon du Midi.

The packaging is made with recycled and recyclable natural products like kraft paper for the box and printed with ecological ink, using only black colour. Each variety of soap has a different handmade illustration related with the natural ingredients of the soap.

Savon du Midi is made with shea butter and certified organic vegetable oils. The fine blending of these oils creates its unique quality. None of them contain animal fat. The soap ais manufactured in small factories with the knowledge handed down from generation to generation in Provence (France).

The brand has the intention to transmit the simplicity of an organic product in order to highlight the natural qualities of the soap.

Design featured on Packaging of the world.

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