Issue Two Feature: Allyson Busch | Photographer

Issue Two - January 2013

Allyson Busch

Allyson Busch is an 18-year-old photographer living in Atlanta, Georgia, currently in her senior year in high school. She grew up skipping between towns and states, and soon developed a sense of independence that she tries to translate into her photographs. At the age of 15 she picked up her first camera, aimed it at herself, and never stopped. Starting as a way to figure out who she was, photography quickly merged into not only a hobby but a lifestyle; it became something she wouldn’t live without, couldn’t live without, and, therefore, didn’t live without.

Where do you get your inspiration? "I tend to draw inspiration from everywhere. It comes from the people around me, what they say, what they do, what the sky looks like, what happens in nature. I can't go through a day without seeing something beautiful, and wanting to take a picture of it. I guess in simple, the beauty of everyday inspires me."

What is the meaning behind the images for this feature? "The series of photos I'm including is titled "Gone Away" and are about the numbness and solitude of moving away after high school/growing up."

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